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The Canadian Weatherstick, is a fun way to predict the
forth coming weather and has been doing so for centuries.

As Featured in the Telegraph

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Buy three Weathersticks and receive a fourth for free!


Simply place it outside on a wall, exposed to the elements. After allowing a few days to acclimatise it will accurately predict the weather for years to come!

clouds and rain When bad weather
approaches the stick
will bend down
The Weather Stick Points Down As Bad Weather Approaches

sun When good weather
approaches the stick
will bend up
The Weather Stick Points Up As Fair Weather Approaches

Instead of wasting resources by turning on the television or buying a paper to find out what the weather's going to do, just look at the stick!!

Each Weatherstick comes gift wrapped and with instructions, making them the perfect gift for all ages.

They really do work. A completely natural 100% biodegradable barometer!

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The Canadian Weather Stick
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